• Know us

  • DERIVADOS DEL MOTOR S.L.U. s a 100% family-owned company, founded in 1972 with its headquarters in Banyoles (Girona). Its main function is the manufacture of welded mechano structures.

  • DM activity is mainly directed to the OEM supply for the sectors of motorcycle, bicycle,metal furniture, agricultural machinery, etca

  • Present :

6000 M2

78 workers

+ 25% of our manufacturing is for the electric mobility sector

We export 70%

  • Looking to the future :

Getting ISO certificates and total integration of the ERP system

Be a reference provider in the sector

Diversification towards new sectors

Continuous training of the human team.

  • History


  • Derivados del Motor is born in Fontcuberta, Girona, as a manufacturer of leaks under Jorman’s brand


  • Start exporting at European level


  • Derbi provider, relationship that continues to this day.
  • Derbi is followed by Hercules, KTM, Peugeot, Honda …


  • The figure of 25 workers is reached


  • Incorporation of the first welding robot


  • Start the welding of chassis and swingarms for motorcycles


  • Born None.
  • Transfer to a new warehouse in Banyoles, Girona, with more than 6000 m2


  • International company with more than 65 workers.
  • Our Objective

Our main objective is to help our clients on their way to success in order to achieve success:

  • We provide solutions and constant help
  • We offer our customers 45 years of experience
  • We offer different alternatives for the same solution
  • Our Values

  • Passion and commitment for our customers, products and equipment

  • Comprehensive monitoring of projects from the first

  • Advice in all areas of the project

  • Perseverance and discipline

  • Constant innovation and development

  • Quality

  • Own metrology service with Hexagon three-dimensional arm.
  • Audit and certification of suppliers.
  • Commitment to the customer’s quality standards.
  • Development of control tools.

  • Dept. Technician (R & D)

  • Engineering and own technical office.
  • Preparation of plans, tools and tools.
  • Development of prototypes and industrialization.
  • Own 3-axis CNC together with grinding machine, lathes and milling machines.
  • Advice on the development of projects.
  • Dept. Operations

The Dept. of Operations is our area in charge of planning and organizing from the supply chain.
Maximize all available resources and achieve constant and direct communication with all the other functions of the organization, to achieve the expectations of the company as a whole.
The Dept. of Operations is the one that manages the different production sections of our company:

  • Welding

  • 4 Welding Robots
  • Welding with TIG and MIG / MAG technologies
  • 116 welding stations
  • 1 Orbital welding station with inert gas chamber
  • We weld all types of metallic material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Chromolybdenum Steel …
  •  Turnery

  • Team with more than 45 years of accumulated experience.
  • Manual and automatic lathes and 3-axis CNC
  • development of all types of bushings and machined parts.
  • Bending

  • Doblando todo tipo de tuberías y materiales.
  • Automatic CNC and bending machines.
  • Cutting

  • Laser cutting machine for CO2 and nitrogen
  • Automatic and manual screwdrivers for all types of material
  • Cutting sheet metal, coil, tube and manual and automatic bar.
  • Stamping

  • 15 Presses for stamping.